Prices for services


Price list of our services:

1. Topo maps for site plans PLN 800-1200
Map price up to 1 ha. Depends on the location and legal status of the property. Each subsequent hectare is PLN 400-600 

2. Settingout the building PLN 700 - 1000
The price depends on the number of (design axes) and the complexity of the structure

3. As-built inventory of the building PLN  800 - 1500
The price depends on the number of (design axes) and the complexity of the structure

4. As-built inventory of the connection, network PLN 600 - 800 
Price for the as-built inventory of a single sewage, water, gas, energy, telecommunication connection

5. Division of real estate into 2 plots PLN 1,600-2,800
The price for dividing the property into 2 plots. Each subsequent plot, depending on the amount of PLN 400-500

6. Establishment and recovery of boundary lines PLN 2 000 – 3 000
7. Separation of mortgage bodies  PLN 1,500-2,000
8. Synchronization list (equivalent)  PLN 800 - 1,500
9. Resumption of border signs PLN 1,600
Price for the renewal of boundary mark to 4 points, each subsequent mark PLN 200-300

10. Finding boundary mark  (landmarks) PLN 300-500
Cena za odszukanie jednego znaku granicznego zastabilizowanego w terenie (graniczniki betonowe, rurki stalowe, itp.)

11. Checking the parameters of the gantry PLN 1500-2000
Price for measuring a gantry up to 100 m long

12. Geodetic investment service PLN 800-1000
Price for a measuring team up to 8 hours of work

The above prices are indicative.

Each investment is different, so we set the final prices with each client individually, depending on the size and complexity of the work


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