Laser scanning


Nowadays, in order to obtain spatial data, we more and more often use modern digital technologies that provide rich design, inventory and space planning possibilities.

One of these types of services that are an alternative to traditional measurement methods is 3D laser scanning.

3D scanning allows you to obtain a high-resolution point cloud. As a result of our work, we provide the client with:

  • raw point cloud from measurement for further processing,

  • the ability to convert the cloud to CAD or any other format,

  • printouts on plotter of 2D plans, sections and elevation views,

  • cubature and area calculations, cross section and longitudinal profiles.


We carry out inventories during construction works and document objects using 3D laser scanning using the Faro Focus 3D scanner.

We utilize the FARO Focus laser scanner - click on the link to read the information brochure.

We use our skills in the following assortments of work:

  • Road and rail infrastructure measurements,
  • Architectural and construction documentation of existing facilities

  • Surface deformation analysis,

  • Scanning buildings inside and outside,

  • Inventories of engineering facilities,

  • Orthophotoplans,

  • Calculation of the volume of tanks, heaps and excavations,

  • Reverse engineering,

  • 3D visualizations,

  • Damage mapping and action planning,

  • Control activities and design under operating conditions,

  • Monitoring of construction works.


We are open to every new scanning challenge, so we invite everyone interested in obtaining precise spatial data for modeling, design, inventory and 3D printing to cooperate with us. We assure you that our offer will meet your expectations.


We have completed the following projects:

  • 3D scanning of a hall-type facility under construction for the installation of wall panels: investor M-Sport, contractor Atlas Ward, facility OFFICE AND WORKSHOP COMPLEX WITH AN EXHIBITION PART, area of 2,930 m2,

  • 3D scanning of the fractional tower at the Synthos chemical plant in Oświęcim for the construction inventory,

  • scanning of the parish church in Czernichów

  • scanning of buildings for the needs of facade inventory,

  • scanning the factory roof in the feed for determining the degree of deformation

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