Our offer includes periodic and control measurements of gantry.


Gantries are transport and handling devices that work intermittently and are equipped with a lifting and lowering mechanism, i.e. a winch or a hoist.


Gantries are used in the process of moving materials vertically and horizontally in a space limited by the length of the travel path, lifting and lowering height and the width of the bridge. Their proper technical condition determines the safety of the factory, the processes carried out in it, and most importantly - people.

The geodetic measurements of gantries are based on the structure of the track bed and gantry tracks should ensure the possibility of checking compliance with the project and determining the deviations for rectification.

The geodetic control measurement is subject to:

  • straightness in the horizontal and vertical plane of the rail head of the gantry runway

  • difference in the level of rail heads, longitudinal slopes of rails

  •  the geometry of the gantry roadway beams

  • rail spacing relative to the design spacing

  • straightness in the horizontal and vertical plane of the rail head of the gantry bridge

  • checking the traveling wheels of the gantry - their parallelism to the rails and spacing

  • shifting the fender in the direction of travel of the gantry

The deviations of the rail alignment can be determined not only in a static way, but also dynamically, during the operation of the gantry and its movement along the track.

REMEMBER - the correct geometry of the gantry protects against additional costs associated with faster wear of wheels, rails or bearings.

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